Istvan Ladunga (Editor) Computational Biology of Transcription Factor Binding

About us

Our Laboratory conducts research in the computational aspects of:
  • Network biology
  • Reconstructing transcriptional regulatory networks in algae and S. cerevisiae
  • Carbon dioxide concentration mechanisms in algae
  • Transcriptional Competency of Nucleosomes
  • RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq
  In these works, we utilize existing methods and develop new ones in:
  • Statistics,
  • Transcription factor binding site predictions,
  • Optimal design of short interfering RNA duplexes,
  • Constrained optimization and dynamic programming,
  • Machine learning, and
  • Graph theory.
Please note that this is a Research Laboratory. We form collaborations, but service requests should be directed to the Bioinformatics Core Facility.